Jili Slot Offers Buyable Free Game

Compared with other brands, Jili Slot’s buyable free game can give players an absolute advantage. Why? Because free game itself can provide players with higher multipliers, more features and free spins, allowing players to win a lot of money in a short period of time; however, to enter this special mode depends extremely on players’ luck. Try to think about it, how good would it be that today you could just jump right into this easy-to-win mode and stop relying on elusive luck?

However, not all online slot machine providers offer players to buy free game directly; in fact there are very few online casinos that will do such thing. One of the reasons is that it will disrupt the supply and demand of casino games, exposing game providers and online casinos to extremely high risks and losses. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, many online casinos explicitly prohibit suppliers from unlocking this function, so as to avoid the disadvantage of “spending little money to win several Jackpots”.

Looking back at Jili Slot’s provider – Jili Games itself offers such a feature, but not all online casinos that it works with are willing to unlock it. But we still managed to find some legal casinos in the Philippines that allow Jili to sell Free Game, and listed the top three for players to refer to.

Jili Slot Quick View

Jili Slot has partnered with more than 200 online casinos in the Philippines, and players can reach out to it through many ways. It contains all the games produced by Jili Games, such as Magic Lamp, Chin Shi Huang and the well-known Pharaoh Treasure.

All Jili Slots have one thing in common: the multipliers are extremely high, and once the player enters the Free Game, these multipliers will only increase instead of decreasing. The real money you can win here is definitely more than any slot game from any label.

3 Exciting Features of Jili Slot Games

In addition to buyable Free Game and high magnifier, Jili Slot also features high RTP.

Buyable Free Game

Every player knows that as long as three or more Scatter Symbols appear on the board, the Free Game (or Bonus Game) part will happen. Free Game is the essence of all online slots, its biggest function is that it can spin for free, and most of the functions will be unlocked here.

Jili Slot allows players to purchase unlimited free games with as little as 0.5 to 100 pesos per bet. A set of Free Games has ten spins, and you can win huge prizes here.

High Multiplier

The existing magnifier on the market is nothing more than 500X to 1500X, at most 2000X, and will not be higher. However, Geely’s Pharaoh Treasure has a magnifier of up to 5000X! Doesn’t this sound exciting?

High RTP

RTP (Return to Player) is what players pay the most attention to besides the multiplier. If the multiplier is to affect your potential income, then RTP is to affect your actual income. Professional players who mainly make money from online slot machines will definitely investigate clearly. A game with an RTP of 80% can only get 80 pesos back from the 100 pesos bet if the natural probability is followed; a game with an RTP of 90% will get 90 pesos, which shows how crucial it is.

Jili Slot understand the two things’ players consider to be the most important: multiplier and RTP, and also provides “Buyable Free Game” gameplay, such exciting features provide winnings beyond imagination.

Jili Buyable Free Game Top Picks in 2023

The three most popular slots by Jili Games that you can buyable free game in 2023

Pharaoh Treasure

Pharaoh Treasure 1
  • Extra paylines in Free Game
  • Earn more free spins in Free Game
  • Payline: 117649 (maximum)
  • Volatility: ★★★☆☆

Symbols that are eliminated on a single spin will be accumulated and become your bonus multiplier. One elimination comes with one accumulation with maximum of 10x. The symbol that only appears in Free Game – Scarab allows you to accumulate energy, and every three points you accumulate can get you extra paylines and two free spins!

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp
  • Higher chance of winning Jackpot
  • Payline: 15625
  • Volatility: ★★★☆☆

When Aladdin appears with the Genie symbol, you can get the bonuses of all multiplier! Genie will not only appear in the form of symbols, but also randomly appear in the Free Game, it will mark different scores and give you up to 50X multiplier!

Chin Shi Huang

Chin Shi Huang
  • Accumulative free spins
  • Payline: 4096
  • Volatility: ★★☆☆☆

China’s first emperor – Qin Shi Huang, will explore his great achievements with you! If the Gold Dragon symbol appears in main game, it can accumulate free spin times. It is the only slot online that can increase free spin outside of free game!

Trustworthy Casino for Jili Slot

Jili Slot has partnered with more than 200 Philippine casinos, many of which operate under risky websites, so picking a reliable online casino is very important. No matter how high the multiplier and RTP a game has, if the online casino imposes restrictions on withdrawals or even charges high processing fees, it would be pointless no matter how much you earn.

Also, players need to choose an online casino with many discounts. Players should not only regard it as a platform to play games, but should actively strive for their own benefits. In addition to registration discounts, jiliace will also release various bonuses from time to time. You might as well use these funds to buy Jili Slot’s Free Game, and then try to win the Jackpot of 5000X on the online slot machines!

What is a Jili Slot?

An online slot brand, produced by iconic game provider Jili Games, featuring high bonus multipliers.

How to play Jili Slot?

You need to choose an online casino that has partnered with Jili Slot, and sign up to play through the casino’s link.

How to buy Free Game in Jili Slot?

Go into any Jili Slot, click “Buy Bonus” and select Bet and Quantity.

How to get a 500 Piso award?

After signing up at jiliace Casino and accumulating a certain number of login days, you can claim it.

JILIACE online slot machine philippines gcash

online casino philippines with free signup bonus
online casino philippines with free signup bonus

As long as you register as a JILIACE member and complete the membership information, you can download the APP to get jili free play.

There is really no need to store value! Download JILIACE APP to get cash, you can withdraw money, and quickly share it with your friends.

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