Win Jackpot Slot by 7 Tips

Most of the players believe that it is pure luck if someone wins the jackpot slot, in fact, 20%-30% can behold in our hands. So, how do we do this?

Getting control of these factors is the key to winning the jackpot!

Jackpot is often in 3 different types, Local Jackpots, Pooled Jackpots, Fixed Jackpots, and in JILIACE, it is Multiple Jackpots. According to the bonus and winning regulations it will be different, but tips in this guide can be applied to all kinds of jackpot. Follow our instructions to level up your skills.

Read the Rules, Bet the Minimum Amount

jackpot on slot machine
jackpot on slot machine

This is the most important key point. Most of the jackpot machines will have a minimum betting amount, if you bet lower than the jackpot asked, it is almost no chance for you to win one.

If there is no related instruction, be sure to ask the customer service to make sure the jackpot regulations. You can get familiar with the rules and analyze them in a database, it will be really useful.

Pick Your Preferred jackpot on slot machine

Will you choose the game you like or the one that would profit more? Please don’t struggle between these two.

There are thousands of slot machines out there, you can basically choose the one you love or the one with low volatility The vivid and fancy animation visual, or entertaining free games, are the keys that you keep your enthusiastic and continue to play. You must enjoy the moment when you play!

Know Your Limit, Manage the Budget Nice

There are always people saying “be responsible for yourself.” Well, budget management is also a key point to profit more. What you can do is divide your total budget with the total playing time. the following picture will be an example.

This is the basic but classic formula. By using this, no matter to the win-lose or you’re mental. Remember winners are always in a good condition. If you feel rough about the money, it is not a healthy sign.

Time Control, Set Up a Long-tern Plan

● Don’t know when to stop? It is the time you spent all your daily budget.

● DO NOT try to win back what you had lost, this is a sign of a tragedy.

Put these in mind, winning the Jackpot is always a long battle, and a short-tern plan rarely works on profiting, long-tern plan is needed.

Choose a Qualified Casino

When visiting an online casino, the first thing you need to be aware of is its legality. JILIACE get the Isle of Man gambling license in 2020 and officially became an online legal casino in the Philippines, we also received a 96% satisfaction review from new players. You may also evaluate a casino from their social media, YouTube, or reviews from other players.

Pick jackpotjoy slots with RTP 94% or Higher

RTP is an important element in slot games. RTP is the return to the player, which means the money that the slot machine gives back to the player. The slot RTP of a general machine will probably fall between 90% and 96%, the higher the value, the more beneficial to the players. We suggest that you can choose jackpot slot machines with more than 94% RTP. If you want to know the RTP of a slot machine, search “slot name + RTP” or go to the official website of the supplier.

Get Free Bonus to Gain Budget

If you are lucky enough to get a free bonus offer from the casino, it is also a way to profit more. At JILIACE, the ongoing special offer promotion is the welcome ₱500 free bonus, players may use this money and try to profit before they even deposit their own money. But be careful not to play jackpot slot machine just because the promotions, will disrupt our routine, don’t fall into the trap of promotions like this unless it’s letting you get more bonuses or points.

Play slots jackpot at Online Casino

JILIACE is now the most popular online casino, we own thousands of online jackpot slot, especially a bonus from our supplier JILI Games, there are Grand Jackpot, Major Jackpot, and Mini Jackpot, play in JILIACE to win these jackpots.

During the grand opening, log in every day to get free bonus ₱500! Play at JILIACE maybe your first jackpot will come to you!

JILIACE online slot machine philippines gcash

online casino philippines with free signup bonus
online casino philippines with free signup bonus

As long as you register as a JILIACE member and complete the membership information, you can download the APP to get jili free play.

There is really no need to store value! Download JILIACE APP to get cash, you can withdraw money, and quickly share it with your friends.

  • Registered Member Get jili free play Welcome bonus
  • Many options for 24/7 Customer Support
  •  Level loyalty program
  •  Fast withdrawals
  •  Mobile apps

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