What is a free spin slot machine?

A free spin is like a special offer from the site. When players are playing a slot game, during some circumstances they can enter at least 4-12 times free spins. The entering request may be collecting scatters or continuous combos. During the free spin, it won’t cost you any money to spin a nice bonus or even more spins.

In the early made slot machine, there are no free spin iphone. Until the late 90’s “Queen of the Nile” was launched, it was the first-ever slot machine owning a free spin system (and it was up to 15 times!) It caused a huge sensation back then in the physical casino!

Nowadays, a free spin casino is a must when it comes to a slot machine. With the scatter and wild symbols appearing, slot machines become fancier, making players expect more!

What are the free spin slot machines in the Philippines?


A free spin is what players fancy the most right now, it become a must when it comes to slot machines. Among thousands of online slots, we have listed out 6 of the best, which not only have many spins but also have an easier requirement can frequently let players experience the fun of free spin casino

Bao boon chin (JILI Game)

No limited free spin!

Try this oriental style free spin slot machine produced by JILI Games, it has really positive reviews from the players recently! Not only the requirement is easier and the no-limited free spins but you can also get a special symbol to earn more free spin iphone!

Charge Buffalo (JILI Game)

Easy 200+ free games!

In Charge Buffalo, getting golden scatter most important thing. Get 6 of them to enter 100 free spins. You can get more gold coins in the free spin earning yourself an extra 5 to 25 spins! 3 huge buffalos will lead you into the exciting free spin!

Shanghai Beauty (JILI Game)

Collect the red hearts to gain the board!

The most discussed online slot machine currently is Shanghai beauty! Let yourself be in Shanghai with no worries. Although Shanghai beauty is with a 5X4 small board, every time players collect 4 red hearts, it will automatically increase 1 column, up to 8×5. The more red hearts you get, the more free spin you will enter. If you want to immerse yourself in the night in Shanghai, this is the game.

Dead or Alive 2 Feature Buy (NetEnt)

Up to 100,000x bonus!

Dead or alive, produced by NetEnt, is the real king of free games in 2022! It allows players to buy free games directly. There are three game modes, “Train Heist”, “Old Saloon” and “High Noon”. We highly recommend the “Train Heist” mode. Besides having an excellent chance of winning a bonus, you can get 12 free spins at the very beginning. It’s very pleasant to spin again as long as you get the wild symbol!

Valley of the Gods (YGG)

Surprising Re-spins!

One of the coolest things in the Valley of the Gods is the respins. Every time you win means unlimited free spins! Not only that, the game has another special reward “destroying blockers” function, with 12 scarabs hidden in the scroll, collect more than 5, you can increase your multiplier and add another spin in the next one!

Age of Asgard (YGG)

The fight between the good and the evil!

When loading into the game, you will find that it’s a “dual machine” with a double scroll setting. The upper part is the hero scroll and the lower part is the monster scroll. The battle between both sides can let players get more free spin and wild symbols. As long as the wild symbol fall in the designated area, you can get up to 20 free spins or a 50x bonus. In terms of fun and bonus, this is a very excellent slot machine!

How to get more free spins?

Each game has a different way to enter free games. Perhaps it is to gather wild / scatter symbols or it may be the combo times, etc., which makes it difficult for players to take control all the time or to increase the number of free spins. The simplest way is to find a machine that can buy one. For example, Dead or Live we mentioned above, has three game modes of free games to buy. By giving free spins from 4 to 12 times, you may strike the gold or maybe no results at all. Depends on your luck!

Where are most free spin slot machines?

The recommended games we mentioned, are all waiting for you at jiliace. There are up to 15 top game suppliers and thousands of game games. Our editor team had demoed most of the games, including the popularity, RTP, volatility, etc, only the best can be on our list!

To identify a good online casino, you can not only look at the game quality but also focus on whether it is legal, whether it pays attention to players’ privacy, connection quality, and speed. jiliace is not only a legal online casino in the Philippines (obtaining the Isle of man gambling license) but also uses 256 SSL’s most advanced technology to protect the privacy of all players. The most important point is that the game connection of jiliace is very smooth, to avoid sudden interruption, resulting in errors. Therefore, the connection quality can be said to be the basic requirement of a good online casino, and jiliace did an excellent job. No player has encountered an error so far, so come and have a good time with us!

Who has the best free spin slot machine?

It’s hard to say. JILI Games、NetEnt、YGG、Fa Chai is the most recognized ones.

Can I win real money from free spin?

For sure. If you play with real money you win real money back.

Can I win more free spins?

We can’t control the number of free spins, but we can choose a slot machine that can buy the chance to enter free games, which may provide you with a better chance to win.

How long will the free spin last?

Elements that make a free game are the initial number of times given by the game itself and the conditions for increasing the number of times. Generally speaking, free games will end in a few minutes. If you are lucky enough, you can accumulate unlimited times, depending on your luck.

Is the free game only on the slot machine?

Not only slot machines, online roulette, and some table games will also have it.

JILIACE online slot machine philippines gcash

online casino philippines with free signup bonus
online casino philippines with free signup bonus

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