Best Highest RTP Online Slot Machines in 2023

In this guide, we listed 10 outstanding best online slot with highest rtg online casino philippines. We will tell you the highlight of each game. Although you may have your pocket list, our introduction is one of the ones with the best RTP, you shouldn’t miss it!

If you are ready, please follow us into the magic world of the slot machine. Of course, if there is any slot machine that catches your eyes, feel free to try them in Hawkplay! We own the best rtp slot machines in the Philippines!

Top 10 RTP Online slot machine online philippines

The Invisible Man

rtp slot
  • Provider:Evolution(NetEnt)
  • RTP%:96.4
  • Highest odds:1000X

Do you know the movie? This game co-branding with Universal Studio, choosing the popular movie in 1993. An invisible man was born due to an experiment that failed, now threatening the town. The dark atmosphere in the game seems to remind players to be careful of him every second.

Fortunately, the police officers will come to our rescue! Whenever the invisible man or the officer shows up, it will trigger the reels to re-spin. The “Police Wilds” will appears at the first reel, the “Griffin Wilds” at reel 5. And the WILD symbol will move with 4 free spins coming up. When reels 1 and 5 come toward each other, when they meet, another 4 times free spins will give to the player.

The invisible man is a 5×3 board slot machine. With 96.4% RTP that higher than the average, which is excellent for the player. Although the multiplier is not outstanding, as long as the wild symbol appears continuously, the bonus will be way much more than what you expect! Let’s enjoy the impressive visual effect and look forward to the epic fight between the police officer and the invisible man!


rtp slot
  • Provider:Fachai
  • RTP%:96.5
  • Highest odds:50000X

Hotpot is now the topic of slot games! All kinds of ingredients and the taste of the soup make you hungrier. Come and win your hotpot dinner budget right now! It’s a non-mainstream slot, but the 96.5% RTP and 50000x bonus are too special to ignore. Win your bonus in Hot Pot Part with all the delicious ingredients!

This is an alternative game, but it is what makes it special.

  1. The joyful BGM and fancy hotpot ingredients give out a humorous atmosphere.
  2. 3 special challenges, collect 15 teapot symbols to level from 4×4 to 6×6!
  3. Very low volatility, mean frequent win!

Everyone loves hotpot, Hot Pot Party will also make you fall in love, come and play the slot with us!

Dead or Alive 2

rtp slot
  • Provider:Evolution(NetEnt)
  • RTP%:96.82
  • Highest odds:111111X

Five characters will bring you unexpected bonuses up to 111111x! This is a sequel to “dead or alive” which was released in 2009. The evilest western American town in history hides the cold-blooded leaders, local ruffians, reckless robbers, evil madam, and the thieves queen. Players must play the officer and arrest them all before the train robbery happen.

The RTP of Dead or Alive 2 is 96.82%. By this excellent value, this game is also recognized by players as the “king of free games”. You can get up to 111111x bonus in the free games, it is also one of the slot machines with the highest odds.

Our team has a high evaluation of Dead or Alive 2, especially since players can buy it with 66x of your bet to get 12 free spins. Among the available bonus, we recommend the “train heist free spins feature,” which has very low volatility. As long as you get a wild symbol, you can get one more spin. If you are lucky, the multiplier can reach 16x, letting you experience the endless free spin and get the bonus non-stop!

Blood Suckers 2

rtp slot
  • Provider:Evolution(NetEnt)
  • RTP%:96.94
  • Highest odds:1298X

The vampires in Blood Suckers 2 may scare you a little, but to an unlucky player, this game may bring them a sense of accomplishment. It has an average of 2.5 time spins to have a win! Blood Suckers 2 attract players by the unique style it has. This Gothic slot machine has some special gameplay.

SCATTER SHOT: Get 2 scatters, Amilia the vampire queen will shoot the red heart by her arrow, triggering the “Blood Rose Free Spins” up to 20+ spins.

HIDDEN TREASURE BONUS: Get 3 Bonus symbols, you will be led to the castle basement, there are all kinds of treasures in 4 coffins, but if you choose the one with the devil, unless you get the key symbol and defeat the devil to win 670x bonus, you will be hunted by the devil and the free game immediately stop.

The RTP is also over average, considering many aspects, it’s an outstanding slot game.

Pharaoh Treasure

Pharaoh Treasure
Pharaoh Treasure
  • Provider:JILI
  • RTP%:98.34
  • Highest odds:5000X

This JILI slot owns 98 34%! We suggest that players go for machines that own more than 98% RTP, choose the one that suits them best. It’s won’t take you too long. Try these high RTP slot machines in this guide and find some great ones, such as this ancient Egyptian style, Pharaoh treasure.

The biggest feature of the game is the no-limited free game! 3 scatters can trigger the free game. Collect more scatters in the free game, and you can get more free spins, and the number of times is unlimited. Your good luck is unstoppable, free spin after free spin! What’s more, Pharaoh treasure has 117649 paylines, which is a very amazing number. JILI Games has made quite the right decision. The rich payment lines and large reels make players more likely to win.

JILI slot machines generally have high RTP value, various styles, and are full of rich interest, which is the reason why players love it from their hearts.

Bao boon chin

Bao boon chin 2
  • Provider:JILI
  • RTP%:98.62
  • Highest odds:2000X

Bao boon Chin’s theme comes from the Chinese detective TV series . The main role with a black face and his partners started a series of stories of arresting criminals and solving cases. During the time, this TV series became a trend, every family stayed tuned in front of the TV and waited for the latest episode!

JILI has produced a slot machine according to this, with a 98.62% RTP. Bao boon chin is very popular among advanced slot players in the Philippines. People like the stable bonus win and the free game that will appear every time they play. It is widely loved and praised by Philippine players as “a MUST play a slot machine in life”.

Many players earn a bonus as much as their monthly pay by playing Bao boon chin. In the game, what players expect most is to see the appearance of the lion head symbol scatter. As long as 3 consecutive lion heads, 9 free games can trigger. If there is a sword symbol in the free game, the bonus multiplier will be + 1, which is quite exciting. We are all willing to spend our time on Bao boon chin and wait for the moment when the gold coins rain down, celebrate the victory!

Crazy 777

Crazy 777
  • Provider:JILI
  • RTP%:99
  • Highest odds:3333X

Crazy 777 won 1st place in the high RTP slot machine. This slot machine from JILI has RTP 99%!

This is a very classic slot machine. The game tempo is fast. You can see the results in one second and cash the bonus immediately. The refreshing style is rare in slot machines lately. It is the most suitable slot machine for players who only care about money! It has only one 1×3 board. The rules of the game are quite simple. As long as there are 3 the same symbols in the line, you can get the corresponding bonus.

The special reel on the right can randomly turn to symbols of bonus doubling, additional reward, and re-spin respectively. In particular, re-spin can randomly transfer out free spin for 1 ~5 times, and has a must-win chance. This is the most essential function in the whole game. As long as we see that the reel area turns blue, we can expect that there will be a grand prize coming!

Crazy 777 has high RTP and low volatility, which means that it brings players more frequent rewards and lower risks. If you haven’t tried this game yet, please be sure to play it. It’s charming and will bring you surprises.

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